Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Announcing the birth of our new little baby

Introducing our new little buckaroo. As Phil, our two year old, would say
"ta da!!"
It's a boy!! Born Friday November 10th at about 6:00am, a healthy 8lb. 11oz.
21 1/4in. long. He has lots of brown hair and is a beautiful baby. Sorry, no
name yet, it can take a few weeks, sometimes we don't announce it until the
We were unable to have a home birth this time, but went to the birth center
our midwife is opening instead, it was like giving birth in a nice hotel,
but I would rather have been at home.
Labor was long, there was a shoulder dystocia (his shoulders got stuck), he
was a slow starter and I had a minor hemorrhage, but all were remedied
quickly and we are doing quite well.

Rudy, Stacy, Isaiah, Naomi, & Philip

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