Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Charcoal Bentonite Mix

If I could have only one medicine or herbal remedy? I would choose this charcoal, bentonite mix for detoxing and cleansing. (You have to have flax, psyllium or some type of fiber mixed in because this can be binding which can defeat your purpose to cleanse and remove the source of your problem.)
Recipe:    We order from Pacific Botanicals, out of Oregon
parts are by volume not weight, this formula does not have to be exact to be highly effective. weights are approximate.

1 part food grade charcoal (1lb)

1 part bentonite (2lb)

2 part ground flax (you can buy flax just about any where now) (4lb)

2 part ground psyllium (3lb)

Eat 1 t. mix with 2 or 3 heaping T. of apple sauce or water. (tastes like chalk.) on empty stomach, Drink a big glass of water. wait 30 min. before eating. If you can 3 times a day.
I have had children take one dose after having been nauseated to the point of throwing up. After one dose feel better. Even eat and be fine by that afternoon. Others who wouldn't take this mix, with the same symptoms would be sick for days.
Toddlers with diarrhea? This mix sweetens the whole gut and intestines. I keep plenty in my emergency storage arsenal.

You know that headache you get from not eating, well, it's from the toxins your body is releasing and this mix will absorb them helping you to sustain your fast and more efficiently rid your body of the toxins. You do not want your kidneys to have to deal with that junk or have it get redeposited some were else in your body. Quote from my mom "I couldn't even fast until I started cleansing with this mix. I always thought it was my blood sugar that was making me sick, when I would try to fast. Now I know that I was just very toxic"
We have used this for flu, viruses, food poisoning, or diarrhea. So far for me any and all sickness have responded to this mix. Anything that involves toxins.

I would recommend everyone start NOW on a cleansing program with this MIX. So as to prepare for what is to surely come our way.
Use this MIX for the first week eating normal foods that you are used to eating everyday then the second week, remove all animal products OR not. You will still make progress, just not as quickly. Mild food would be best for really tough cases.
It also cleanses out heavy metals, poisons and toxins.
It is rather tasteless, like chalk or dirt? mmm, yum!
the big difference between this and other types of cleanses is that it absorbs the toxins that are released by the cleanse, or by dieting, or fasting, or produced by sickness... if your not getting those toxins out they are often just settling in other areas (fat) and/or making you sicker (headache)
It also cleanses out heavy metals, poisons and toxins.

As far as I know it doesn't kill Parasites, What it does do- is clean up their toxic by products.
It can also help with Addiction.
Keep in mind What you are trying to accomplish.
Absorbing (Bentonite, food grade charcoal) and moving (Flax, psyllium or other types of fiber.) toxins out of the body.

Don't forget to flush yourself out with plenty of water.
The purpose of the water for those who don't know is that the clay and psyllium and flax will absorb all the liquid you got in your intestines, so in order for it to move through freely, it is important to drink lots of water, right after and maybe another glassful in 30 minutes etc, etc
Again, thank you for the interest and PMs. As promised here are the prices.
Fat is a survival mechanism, it is a storage place for our toxins. When we lose the weight it forces all of our toxins into our vital organs, that's why we gain back the same old weight. To protect our vital organs. To be healthy we must get rid of heavy metals and poisons.

Remember to Drink lots of water to help flush your body and to help insure proper bowel movements and to keep the toxins moving out more efficiently.

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