Friday, January 29, 2010

Rally for Life

On Wednesday, January 27th, I met with strangers, friends, and family on the West Steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento to speak for those who have no voice. Every January we go to the Rally for Life, in remembrance of Roe vs. Wade, and walk silently around the capital grounds. Thankfully the weather was very nice this year.

This rally marked the end of nearly a week of activities, the high light being Walk For Life in San Francisco. To view some amazing photos of that event go to Walk For Life It is amazing that we had such a huge turn-out in such a morally liberal city.

I have been going to these rallies sense I was in my teens now I take my own children. I want them to know what it is to peaceable assemble for a cause you believe in. To aline yourself with something you know to be right and true- even if the current morality seems to oppose you. I enjoy the comrodary with so many from different faiths and backgrounds.

The real reason I go is to send a message to God and government as to where I stand when it comes to life. The creation of life is a most powerful thing never to be taken lightly only to be surpassed in seriousness by the taking of life; abortion encompasses a careless infraction of each. It leads to unhappiness and disappointment.

Wickedness never was happiness.

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