Wednesday, April 18, 2012

baby #6

ANNOUNCING the arrival into the outerbelly world of our newest baby boy, lovingly supported by the hands of his father, grandmother, and aunt at 3:12pm on April 2nd 2012. Our biggest weighing in at 9lb 4oz, 23in long! (our smallest was 7lb 4oz, 17in) lots of dark hair, gray wait-and-see eyes, and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen, he nurses like a pro and spends hours every day studying the world with his big round eyes... I could go on & on, he is just perfect.

1 week old
 no name yet- it never takes more than 3 months :P
I guess you'd say it was unassisted, but it didn't feel that way, my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and husband were all there.

-it was a hard labor, because of emotional issues, I just couldn't open up... got a blessing when I was pushing and was able to open, out he came absolutely perfect, with me intact... I felt like the baby and I were very connected all through labor & after he came out- we were feeling the same things, it was hard for him but he knew I was doing it with him, we weren’t alone.

... -I started to hemorrhage, had some herbs on hand for it and quickly got it under control.

-placenta didn't come, but pain did... it got worse, when it got to be too much we transferred to the hospital for some help. (about 2 hours)

-at hospital we got the help we needed but it was traumatic... the Demerol was nice and so were the 3 IV bags.

-stayed 24 hours, listened to the poor lady in the next room give birth, she screamed and screamed, she was full of fear she would yell "HELP ME" like she was being killed, when the baby came it screamed in the same way it's mom did... and they were both screaming together, and she was still yelling "HELP ME"... when I said something to my nurse she just smiled and acted like it was perfectly normal? when the Demerol wore off I was in pain again :(

-after I got home every thing "seemed" fine, but that night I was hit from left field by umm, secondary trauma induced shock? my body started shutting down and I couldn't hardly move or think, after it first happened I prayed and prayed, my mind filled with hymns trying to drown out the mental shutdown. the family rallied round and helped pull me back but recovery has been painful and long. I'm starting to feel more normal now the last few days, I've even started carrying the baby :)

I think this is as close as I can come to facing a birth story...

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  1. He is Beautiful! I'm so sorry you have had to endure so much pain and trauma! :( let me know if there is ANYTHING at all i can do for you!


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