Tuesday, October 11, 2005

1st Log

Today is Philip's first birthday. Wow, it was just one year ago I was in labor, what a wonderful day! It was a perfect delivery, here in my home, in my tub...
Today we went to Angels Camp for scan-tron testing, and on the way home we stopped at the little airport. Isaiah has been very interested in being a pilot. He has heard of a program called
"Young Eagles" and thought it would be fun. We even got to see a 1959 Sesna, what a lovely plane.
Rudy gave a talk in church on Sunday about the Book of Mormon. It went well, but I have seen him give better. Our family is struggling to read the Book of Mormon as the prophet has asked by the end of the year.
Tonight I have enrichment night, it will be about visiting teaching, so I will get a big heaping helping of guilt with dinner.

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