Saturday, August 29, 2009

All About Our New Baby's Birth

Sorry, it's taken me so long to update you guys, but I have been busy ;)
She was born Aug.19, 2009
1:55 am
8 lb 6oz
20in long
head 13 ½in
We got home from Madelyn’s birthday party at ten. Rudy rubbed some “Labor Balm” that Renee had given us on my tummy before bed.

I fell asleep, not sure for how long. I was up & down to the bathroom. I knew I was in labor, but thought we might not need to call the midwives till morning. Most of the contractions were pretty intense, but not all. I was feeling really tired and was wishing for some sleep instead of laboring all night, after a particularly hard bathroom trip I laid down and told myself I was just going to go to sleep then finish when I woke up the next morning, over and over… I started to believe it as I laid there with no contraction for about 5 minutes (the longest I had gone for awhile) then a monster of a contraction hit me, I was unprepared and not in a good position, after that I tried to get up but another one hit as I started to move, then another when I tried again but this time there was fluid dripping down my leg so I made myself get to the bathroom. I figured the baby had kicked my bladder during that contraction and didn't think much of it. Had a few more strong contractions and in the bathroom cleaned myself up. I had turned the light on this time so when I came back to bed Rudy asked if everything was OK? I said it was fine I had just peed the bed a little. I’m not sure if I ever made it back to bed. After a few more major contractions I started to feel like I needed to throw-up, then I couldn't stop shaking. I thought this feels like transition, but it couldn't be not so soon… plus with my first I had signs of being in transition but an hour later when I had gotten to the hospital I was only at 5 cm.

Rudy came into the bathroom to check on me. He asked how I was, I asked him to get me something to throw-up into. I could tell by the look on his face, he was thinking *All right, we’re going to have a baby!* We were both thinking we would call the midwives in the morning.

The contractions were quite overwhelming, I knew I needed to get them under control if I was going to do this for another 10 to 24 hours. I asked Rudy to start the shower, thinking the warm water would help. When I got in the shower the contraction were coming so fast that I barely had time to turn around in the shower before the next one would hit. After a little bit I thought we should call the midwives… but I was too distracted whenever Rudy came in the bathroom to tell him. I didn't know it at the time but he was on the computer trying to find a page I had pulled up for him a few days before a "dad's cheat sheet" for recognizing different stages of labor and what to do in them.

At one point in the shower it was like I could feel each drop of water hitting my back, it did not feel good. I turned off the water. With the next contraction I went down into more of a squat and (UHHH) felt myself start to push. Rudy came in, I told him he might want to call the midwives. I told him where to find the number. (1:50 am) I heard him talking to Jen (our midwife). I felt my water break, and said “My water just broke!” I don’t think anyone heard me. I could feel a lot of presser. Jen could hear me in the background and told Rudy to get ready to have a baby because it didn't sound like they were going to make it, they live more than an hour away. Rudy hung up the phone and turned his attention toward me. I told him the head was coming I don’t think he believed me, or I don’t think he had really come to grips with what was happening. After the next push I asked if the head was out, Rudy looked and was surprised to see that it was. I flipped over and went in to a reclining sitting position. I checked for the cord, but I couldn't tell. Rudy reached down like he was going to check, I told him to Get His Big Man Hands Away From Me!! I pushed for the next two contractions but nothing happened, her head was turning blue I was going over my different options in my head; I decided hands & knees were my best bet. As I was going to flip over she started kicking within me bringing on contractions too strong for me to move through, I tried again so did she. I think she was scared. I finally succeeded in flipping over. I told Rudy to pull, he did so gently, I pushed and out she came. Her little body flopped into the tub all limp and blue. I sat down and scooped her up. She wasn't breathing. I gently sucked out her mouth/nose. I rubbed her thickly vernix covered back. She made little congested baby noises. But still looked blue to me, then I noticed her body was pinking up, now it was just her face and head that were blue. She was bruised from her fast entry and her head being out had broken many of the blood vessels in her face. I offered her my breast and she suckled some.

Noah (my 2yo) had been awoken by all the commotion and came in as I was getting on my hands & knees, so he got to see the baby come out. I told Rudy to call the midwives back, (1:58 am) Jen was in her driveway. Then Rudy woke up the kids, they were very excited. Within half an hour I had passed the placenta into a bowl and went to lie down in bed. After I was in bed I realized that we hadn't actually checked to see that she was a girl... so I let the kids check, and what do ya know, mom was right! It's a girl!

The midwives got there a little after 3 am. When they checked me they found I had torn, they offered me a stitch I said that's OK, no need. They checked out my baby and found her to be perfect.

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