Sunday, July 19, 2009

NRA Family of the Year

On Monday night my family got together for family pictures, here is one of my favorites... it is my sisters and sister-in-laws, I'm the fat one in red...

(note to any Government officials: all guns in said pictures are fake, bb, pellet, airsoft, and/or barrowed, not belonging to any person in photo)
we're the second line of defense, here's our first line of defense...

Rudy is down in the front on the right with our boys by him- Noah in his arms, Phil by his side in the cowboy hat, and Isaiah (soon to be 12!) in the light blue kneeling to the left of Phil. All so good looking!

The brothers were asked to wear plaid with a country theme... but the other boys were only told collared shirts... girls were told solid shirts with no red or orange (obviously I didn't hear that part) with a family this big (40 of us) it is hard to get the same message to all!

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