Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Amazing Phil!

This is an amazing drawing my five year old, Phil, did this January. We submitted it to The Friend for publication, but they are obviously daft & blind because it has not been printed.

Philip used his picture when he gave this talk he wrote (with a little help) on February 14, 2010.

Jesus I love you because I am staying with you Jesus.
I drew something for you, here, I drew Jesus.
Jesus smiled at me.
Heavenly Father is your best friend.
We have a book about Jesus.
I can read all the books.
I can sing songs about Jesus.
I have a mommy.
I love mommy, I love Jesus, and I love daddy.
I have a family, I have kids and more kids.
Jesus' loves me and my family.
Jesus loves everybody.


  1. OMG!! I LOve it!! what a cute talk, and totally talented artist! I've never seen a drawing by a 5 year old that was to well done!

  2. This is so sweet!!! It should be framed. :)

  3. thanx guys, I think so too!
    the orange building there on the side is Jesus' house, the sign on top is a map to get there, and all those little dots along the bottom are people. Phil says "they're not little, (pinches two fingers close) they're far away (he streches his arm & hand out, looking into the distance) :D sooooo cute!

  4. awww..... what a little smarty pants!


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