Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to feed the hamster?

Today a friend gave us a sweet little hamster named Geoffrey Gnaucer (like Chaucer but gnaw, get it). So, Zion Prep has a new classroom pet. We are keeping him on a trial basis for now, but, what will we feed him? so I am looking up what the right foods would be for him...

What do wild hamsters eat? :P

Ok, a hamster is an omnivore that lives mostly on seeds and nuts. I can do that.
equal parts of:
• sunflower seeds
• flax seeds
• lentils (dry)
• pumpkin seeds
• pine nuts (optional)
• sesame seeds (optional)
• soy bean (optional)
• buckwheat (optional)
• millet (optional)
• feed corn (optional)
• find other items that your hamster prefers.

Feed him about a tablespoon each day.
Supplement his diet with a variety of fresh foods like:
• apples
• bananas
• green beans
• broccoli
• cabbage
• carrots
• cauliflower
• corn
• celery
• peas
• zucchini
• sweet potatoes
another good treat is a boiled egg.
Do not feed hamsters tomatoes, garlic, onions, grape seeds, apple seeds, citrus fruits, almonds, cabbage, eggplant, kidney beans, mushrooms, pickles, potato, rhubarb, or junk food designed for humans (chocolate, chips, etc.)
I really enjoyed the inspirational food I saw at Hamster Tracker  :)

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