Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Co-op Order

Most months we place an order with Azure Standard.
I usually order grains like hulled barley, millet, brown rices, oat groats, rye, and wheat grains. I love the brown rice pasta, it is a wonderfully easy way to get the whole grains you need into your diet. Canola oil, normally I would say isn't a good oil, but they sell a non-gmo cold press that is an exceptional oil choice. I get allot of my staples there my flax and sunflower seeds, stevia, 5 roll, realsalt, coconut, agave, grain & nuts cereal, and oat bran (the best). If I can, I try something new- this month I'm getting arrowroot powder, I'll be using it as an alternative for corn starch.


  1. let me know when. cause i'll be needing more oil, pasta and quinoa!

  2. by 4pm today :[ Audrey put it together... sorry, but I ordered 10lb pasta (fusilli) and I only need 5lb, if you want to split?


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